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Pedestrian Safety Tips

Posted by on May 26, 2019 in Car Accidents

One of the biggest ways to improve your health is to walk more. If you’re an able-bodied individual with the means to increase the amount of walking you do in your daily activities, walking an additional thirty minutes to an hour is a feasible goal that can help you live a longer, healthier life. It can be as simple as choosing a parking spot that’s a little out of your way or a major change, like walking to work or the grocery store. A few hundred extra steps a day can have long-term benefits on your cardiovascular health. It also helps get more vitamin D since you’re spending a lot more time outside.

There are a few downsides to walking more. One, your commute will be much longer than if you drove or rode the bus. Two, your shoes may get worn down faster, causing you to need to buy new shoes more often. Additionally, inclement weather can ruin a nice walk home. An unexpected storm can spell disaster for a pedestrian. In addition to avoiding cars that hit puddles, pedestrians also run the risk of ruining their possessions. A drop of water can ruin a laptop or make mascara start running. Proper outerwear and an umbrella can reduce the damages caused by rain.

Another downside of walking is traffic. Many roads don’t have good sidewalks with ample room separating the pedestrians from the cars zooming past them. A driver that is not paying attention to their surroundings is a dangerous one. In the split second that the driver is checking their rearview mirror or adjusting the volume on their radio, a pedestrian will have stepped out on the road. The lack of focus on the road spells danger to any nearby pedestrian. Even if the driver swerves and slams on their brakes, the person walking will still almost definitely get hit.

Now, it seems pretty clear that this is the fault of the driver. Driver negligence accounts for a startling number of injuries to pedestrians every year. However, many insurance companies will try and place the blame on the pedestrian, often cross-examining them to the point of false self-incrimination. Someone who is well-versed in these situations, like a Seattle injury attorney, will be able to stand up for the injured pedestrian. If you made the decision to start walking everywhere in order to be healthier and ended up grievously injured, you deserve to be taken care of. An attorney can help fight unfair insurance claims, and help recover lost wages and cover medical expenses. If a loved one has died from injuries resulting from being struck by a reckless driver, you also may be entitled to compensation for their medical expenses. Although it won’t bring your loved one back, holding the driver accountable for his or her actions will help keep the roads a little bit safer for every pedestrian out there.

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